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Cyber Security Group and Geocyber Security Services Limited Unite to Deliver World-Class Cybersecurity Solutions Across Africa.

Empowering African Organizations with Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity.

The future is secure when you're more prepared.

New Collaboration
New Opportunities

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Cyber Security Group, a distinguished leader in cybersecurity based in Europe, and Geocyber Security Services Limited, a prominent cybersecurity firm headquartered in Nigeria. Together, we are joining forces to bring world-class cybersecurity services to the African continent, catering to the evolving security needs of businesses and organizations across the region.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to bolstering cybersecurity infrastructure and resilience in Africa. By combining the extensive expertise, innovative solutions, and industry-leading practices of Cyber Security Group with the deep-rooted local knowledge and specialized offerings of Geocyber Security Services Limited, we aim to empower African organizations with the tools and strategies needed to combat the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

At the heart of this partnership is our shared dedication to delivering tailored security solutions that address the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses in Africa. From risk assessment and threat intelligence to security infrastructure design, incident response, and compliance management, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to fortify organizations against emerging cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

    We exceed expectations

  • Trusted for impartiality, inspection, testing, verification, certification solutions
  • Working across industries covering supply chains
  • Leading think tanks together with key partners
  • Driving cybersecurity research solutions made available for all
  • Operating highly secured cyberlabs around the globe

    We are leading cybersecurity experts

  • Hardware security analysis from transistor to system leve
  • Software security analysis from firmware to cloud
  • Network security assessments from smallest components to Internet-level
  • Cryptanalysis from primitives to protocol level
  • Applied research for efficiency, usability and verifiability of secure solutions

Risk and
Business impact

We view enterprise security holistically, extending our services across proactive defense, actionable intelligence and rapid threat response to engineer a model that works for your business.

Our team architects security into every facet of your organization including its people, processes and technology stack with continuous hardening and improvement.

Thanks to extensive experience in the development and implementation of our own and third-party technologies in the fields of cybersecurity, fintech systems and blockchain products, we provide the maximum range of services on a “single window” principle, their number numbering more than several dozen.

Here are just some of the main areas:

  • research in the field of practical cybersecurity;
  • development of information security software products;
  • comprehensive security audit;
  • penetration testing (cloud, endpoint, web, application, IoT, hardware);
  • security assessment;
  • vulnerability detection;
  • response and investigation of complex incidents;
  • monitoring the security of corporate systems;
  • technical support for security systems;
  • compliance with ISO, PCI DSS, FFIEC, HIPAA, CMMC, Critical Security Controls and many others;
  • risk management to ensure security issues are correctly recognized and prioritized;
  • vCISO, or the temporary provision of an information security expert to serve as a chief information security officer (CISO) to reduce client costs;
  • PCI compliance consulting and assessment (QSA and ASV);
  • consulting and assessment of compliance with GDPR requirements;
  • Sensitive data Discovery, Mapping & Classification.
  • prompt elimination of the attack and restoration of business processes;
  • reconstruction of the entire chain of events that led to the incident;
  • identifying assets that have been compromised and become a backdoor for attackers;
  • assessment of the level of criticality of incidents, their impact on business processes, possible consequences;
  • OSINT. Search for traces of preparation for an attack using analysis of open and specialized data sources;
  • drawing up an anti-crisis plan to respond and minimize negative consequences in the future;
  • preparation of recommendations to increase the level of security of the company;
  • Smart Contract Audit;
  • Blockchain Protocol Audit;
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Audit;
  • CCSS Audit;
  • dApp Audit;
  • Crypto Wallet Audit;
  • Penetration Testing;
  • Bug Bounty;
  • Proof of Reserves Audit;
  • Tokenomics Audit & Design;
  • ...etc;
For inquiries, partnerships, or to learn more about how our united expertise can benefit your organization, please contact us through the following channels:
  • Geocyber Security Services Limited
  • Pearl Towers, Tower A Unit 18C
  • Eko Atlantic City, Victoria Island
  • Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Contact Number: +234 818 599 9000
  • E-mail: [email protected]

A Commitment
to Excellence
and Innovation

Cyber Security Group and Geocyber Security Services Limited are united in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. By leveraging our combined strengths, resources, and best practices, we seek to set new benchmarks for cybersecurity services in Africa, raising the bar for security standards and empowering organizations to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership creates and look forward to embarking on this transformative journey together, safeguarding the digital future of Africa through world-class cybersecurity solutions.