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CSG protects your critical workloads with the industry’s unique defense-in-depth approach, ensuring you maintain your reputation and your customer's confidence.

Cyber Security Group LLC is ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified and provides services in accordance with the Directives.

Weak WAF
costs you

Cyberattacks on web applications are increasingly common. As more and more governments and businesses move their services online, web applications become an easy target for cybercriminals. Web attacks are one of the biggest threats to corporate security and data security. They can lead to a wide range of devastating consequences from service disruptions and shutdowns to information theft and data manipulation.

Web application attacks prevent important transactions and steal sensitive data.

According to statistics, WEB-attacks are on the first place among the technological causes of information security incidents. In most cases, it takes companies about 6 months to detect a data breach.

  • 100%

    of tested applications contain vulnerabilities
  • 70%

    of tested applications are not protected against DDoS attacks
  • 85%

    of tested applications contain vulnerabilities enabling attacks on users
  • 100+

    average number of vulnerabilities in a single application
  • 65%

    of perimeter intrusions lead to full control of data
  • $3,86

    million - average cost of a single data breach

your Data
with Confidence

You depend on applications everyday. Unfortunately, your applications remain one of the most commonly exploited threat vectors.

CSG WAF combines availability and load monitoring with the detection and prevention of web application attacks using signatures and heuristics analysis to ensure continuous protection of applications, users, infrastructures and security compliance.

Eliminate application vulnerabilities and stop data breaches with
CSG Web Application Firewall

  • Full Protection from Web Attacks and DDoS

    The CSG Web Application Firewall protects applications, APIs backends against a variety of attacks including the OWASP Top 10, data leakage, and application-layer denial of service (DoS) attacks. By combining both positive signature-based policies with robust anomaly detection capabilities, WAF can defeat today’s most sophisticated attacks targeting your web applications.

    And unlike other solutions, CSG WAF provides full-spectrum, Layer-3 – 7 DDoS protection with no extra charges, in order to ensure uninterrupted availability of the apps your business depends on.

    The CSG Web Application Firewall recognizes DDoS attacks, slows down the traffic, filtering and blocks IP before they ever reach your network and harm your apps. It also protects against sophisticated application DDoS attacks without the administrative and resource overhead of traditional solutions. This avoids interruptions in service outages while keeping costs manageable for organizations of all sizes.

  • Protect applications and APIs

    All organizations and users use Application and APIs every day. API’s are the critical backbone for every connected service and ensuring and maintaining the security and availability of API’s are increasingly critical for businesses.

    The CGS WAF provides comprehensive and complete availability of your API. It can protect both XML and JSON API’s against any type of cyberattack, including API farming and scraping, all while while providing full and granular access control. The built-in rate control and application delivery features enable consistent and reliable API delivery within SLA’s to ensure seamless scalability, all while virtual patching provides an automated feedback loop for security.

  • Block Malicious Bots and Automated Attacks

    Automated bots generate more internet traffic than human beings. The so-called “good bots” account for 22.9% of traffic, the rest of the traffic is malicious, created by bots that scrape and steal your data for profit, or automated attacks to to gain unauthorized access to your web applications.

    Protect your websites from content scraping, data theft, and non-human traffic that slows the overall availability of your web applications.

    The CSG WAF's built-in bot detection technologies provide technology to help businesses and organizations identify suspicious activity before it’s in their networks. The technologies distinguish between bad bots from good bots through a verity of countermeasures, to provide bot spam detection, credential stuffing prevention, request risk scoring. The CSG WAF ensures your applications are ready to perform optimally.

  • Control Access and Authentication

    The CSG WAF Control Center provides a central point of control for all your security deployments. You get an easy-to-manage system that keeps up-to-date policies and has the tools to keep your applications safe wherever they are.

    The CSG WAF generates detailed logs automatically, and provides customized reports on demand, making it easy to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

    Role-based access control enables DevOps, SecOps, and NetOps teams to manage security throughout the entire application lifecycle with single pane-of-glass simplicity. In addition, granular visibility into application traffic and user behavior gives you valuable, actionable insights that you can use to guide strategic planning.

  • Automate and Orchestrate Security

    When organizations embrace DevOps to increase agility and speed-time to market, they are finding that current application security processes are incomparable, often face human issues, and cannot keep up with development lifecycles. To provide the necessary security tools that integrate with continuous deployment (CI/CD)processes, CSG WAF provides a full-featured REST API and integrates with automation tools such as Puppet, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure ARM Templates, and more. This allows DevOps to seamlessly integrate security directly into the application development lifecycle without disrupting the application.

    For guaranteed security, we ensure that rules and policies are continually updated, and new vulnerabilities are quickly discovered and virtually patched. To ensure an ongoing robust security strategy as applications evolve, the CSG vulnerability remediation service provides SecOps teams with an automated process to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in a timely manner. Also our WAF integrates with over 25 other vulnerability management tools for complete flexibility.

  • Adaptive protection from XSS & SQL-injections

    The SQL injection vulnerability is one of the most dangerous issues for data confidentiality and integrity in web applications and has been listed in the OWASP Top 10 list of the most common and widely exploited vulnerabilities since its inception.

    In SQL attacks, the perpetrator injects malicious SQL code in the form of requests or queries in user input fields on web applications such as submission forms, contact forms, etc. Doing so, they get access to the application’s backend database where they sneak in to extract sensitive and confidential information of the customers or the business itself, get unauthorized administrative access, modify or delete data, etc. or even gain full control of the web application.

    XSS attacks are aimed at users of vulnerable web applications/ websites in order to gain access to and control their browsers. Here, the attackers use vulnerabilities and gaps in the application to inject malicious scripts / codes that get executed when the unsuspecting user loads the application / website. XSS attacks leave the user’s personal and confidential information compromised and often lead to identity thefts, session hijacking, etc.

  • Business Logic Attacks

    Business logic is the critical element connecting and passing information between the UI and databases and software systems, enabling users to effectively use the web application/ website. When there are gaps, errors, or overlaps in the business logic, it creates vulnerabilities that are often exploited by cyber-attackers for monetary and other advantages. Attackers do not use malformed requests and malicious payload to orchestrate business logic attacks. They use legitimate values and legal requests to exploit the circumstantial vulnerabilities in the application. Business Logic Bots are often used for these attacks.

    Managed CSG WAF is best equipped to tackle these attacks as it is combine the scalability, speed, and accuracy of machines with the expertise, intelligence, and creative-thinking abilities of certified security professionals who understand the business.

  • Block requests from VPN, Tor nodes, proxies...

    You can now identify and block requests to your web applications from VPN, Tor nodes, proxies, and data centers by using the new Anonymous IP List for CSG WAF Rules.

    This managed rule group helps you block users who attempt to hide their identity or evade geographic restrictions. The managed rule group can also help block malicious traffic that originates from bots behind these anonymous networks.

CSG WAF goes
anywhere & works

Thanks to a wide range of delivery and deployment options, the CSG WAF can be deployed equally in any, whether in the most complex specialized infrastructure or in an application / resource based on public management systems, and provide the highest degree of protection.

CSG WAF is a key component of a comprehensive Web Application and API Protection stack that secures from edge to database, so the traffic you receive is only the traffic you want.

We provide the best website protection in the industry – PCI-compliant, automated security that integrates analytics to go beyond OWASP Top 10 coverage, and reduces the risks created by third-party code.

You get all functions in one package and can use CSG WAF to secure:

  • Active and legacy applications;
  • Third-party applications;
  • APIs & Microservices;
  • Cloud applications, containers, VMs and more.

Constant protection
on all fronts

Out-of-the-box rules for protection by default enable CSG WAF’s real-time technologies to close the loop on constantly changing attack patterns.

Centralize your configuration with a single stack approach, providing simplicity in provisioning, security and performance that go hand-in-hand to ensure better business continuity with fewer false positives.

We meet your unique needs by delivering our security solutions as a service or as self-managed VMs. We make sure you stay protected without disrupting your innovation delivery pipeline.

  • 01
    Fast and flexible implementation

    Deploy CSG WAF on-premises, in AWS and Azure, or as a cloud service. Easily secure each application while meeting its specific service level requirement. It has multiple deployment modes, including a transparent proxy for instant start. Easy configuration and out-of-the-box security policies ensure quick product launch.

  • 02
    Flexibility and adaptability

    Predefined templates of security policies can be adapted to the specifics of applications, adjusting them according to the security level, including for several applications or their individual parts. Flexibility and a high level of automation allow you to reliably protect applications of any type - even with continuous updates - with a high level of fault tolerance.

  • 03
    High accuracy of threat detection

    A combination of positive and negative security models, continuous analysis of user behavior, and the use of machine learning can reduce the number of false positives to a minimum and instantly identify real threats, including DDoS and automated attacks, as well as previously unknown attacks.

  • 04
    Automatic threat prioritization

    A correlation mechanism unique to WAF builds chains of attacks, detects APTs and automatically prioritizes detected threats by risk level. This helps you instantly see serious threats and take countermeasures. Correlations and the ability of CSG WAF to detect vulnerabilities through SAST and DAST greatly simplify incident investigations.

  • 06
    Maximum productivity

    Thanks to the use of modern traffic processing technologies, compression algorithms, caching and data aggregation, the CSG WAF guarantees efficiency in the use of virtual infrastructure resources. The PT AF clustering solution allows you to ensure security with any traffic flow.

Consulting Services by cyber security experts

There is no standard solution or even a standard procedure for companies where security is concerned. That is why we offer the full range of security consulting services, from CISO-as-a-Service to risk management and website security checks.

Assisted by our tools, you will quickly be provided with a gap analysis or maturity assessment of your organizational processes and functions.

We can advise you throughout the process of introducing and implementing a systematic information security management system – in accordance with ISO 27001:2013.

We can support you in meeting new compliance requirements under international standards or laws and can integrate these into your Internal Control System (ICS).

Our WAF service has been certified to ISO27001:2013. The certification commits us to:

  • - Systematically assessing information security risks, including threats, vulnerabilities and impacts.
  • - Drafting and implementing information security controls and/or other forms of risk management (such as risk avoidance or risk transfer).
  • - Introducing a comprehensive management process to ensure that information security controls continue to meet requirements.
See how we can help you secure your web applications and data.


With Cyber Security Group WAF as a Service, you can choose the type of deployment that best suits your business priorities and budget.

We have an individual approach to each client, so we always find a profitable option for your protection.

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